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In the 1920s, Mr Bhuramal Agarwalla, founder of the BMA Group, had made a foray into the obscure energy industry with a mission to assume eminence in the coal mining business. With his vision and character, he managed to place the business on a higher pedestal. By adhering to bi-pronged philosophy of risk-taking and fostering an ethic-based environment, he cautiously promoted excellence through quality to meet the expectations of both domestic and international clients. Taking inspiration from this, the group has scaled many heights venturing into Refractories, Smelting, Ferrous Alloys, Coke and is leading by example.

In the age of Second Generation Reforms, the company has successfully passed down its mantle to the Fourth Generation. The group has successfully fused traditional methods with modern mantra of management to come out with flying colors. The group has taken multifarious initiatives, some of which have already yielded dividends. We are manufacturers and exporters of ferrous alloys, refractories etc. The holistic production process combines a perfect balance between product availability, manufacturing procedure, quality supply chain and a geographical dispersion of marketing and operations. Over the years the BMA Group has become a single reliable source for resources and a Group you can count on for delivery and quality. Service to the customer goes beyond the sale of products by providing technical advice for economic and efficient applications and maintenance for products supplied by the group companies.

Group companies are:
National Refractories (Prop. Snowtex Udyog Ltd) Refractories Unit West Bengal
The Behar Potteries Ltd. Refractories Unit West Bengal
Anjanery Ferro Alloys Ltd. Ferro Alloys Unit Jharkhand
Maithan Alloys Ltd. Ferro Alloys Unit West Bengal
Maithan Smelters Ltd. Ferro Alloys Unit Meghalaya
Premium Fuels Metallurgical Coke Unit West Bengal

Corporate Social Responsibility should be the inherent motive of every business house. The Group BMA takes its commitment seriously and has imbibed this responsibility into its mission. It actively participates in community development through three ways: philanthropy, civic leadership & public policy and grass root efforts. The company provides generous support & leadership to a wide range of organizations that cater to cultural, civic, environmental, health and human services.

We have substantially contributed to the constructions of the following:
¤ Health center in Barakar (W.B)
¤ Sri Marwari Vidyala, Barakar (W.B)
¤ Sanskrit Vidyala, Vrindavan (U.P)
¤ Guru Gangeshwar Bhuramal Nishulk Chikitsa Seva Sansthan, Vrindavan (U.P)
¤ Shri Gopalrai Harsukdas Vidya Mandir, Loyal (Rajasthan)

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