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National Refractories (A Unit Of Snowtex Udyog Limited) - An ISO 9001:2000 company
alumina bricks exporter, silicate bricks manufacturer, ferro alloys manufacturersNational Refractories is a blooming off-shoot of the BMA Group, established in 1971. It produces the highest quality of Refractory Products that invariably goes to the smelting plants of the renowned companies of India and are also used for various other purposes. Our Refractory Products are highly heat resistant and durable without causing any environmental hazards. The primary objective of the company is to research, develop and manufacture highest quality of Refractory products, which deliver measurable and tangible results to the customers.

The feedback from the customers and their success rate bear testimony to the achievement of the company's objective. This inspires us to exceed expectations in providing exceptional services to our esteemed customers. The primary products that are produced Alumina Silicate Bricks, Insulation Bricks, Monolithics etc. The infrastructure of the company is highly modern and uses state of the art technology. The manufacturing unit consists of Hi-tech oil-fired shuttle kiln, Hi-tech oil-fired tunnel kilns, Coal fired down drought kilns and R & D Wing with state-of-the-art laboratory.

The Behar Potteries Ltd.
refractory products manufacturers, refractory manufacturers, refractory products supplier, refractory exportersThe BMA Group acquired this company in 1984 and transformed it into a resource-centre for refractory materials. This offered an opportunity to develop new products and increase the product base. Behar Potteries specializes in insulation bricks and alumina silicate bricks. The focus is on insulation refractories. The insulation bricks are characterized by low weight high porosity and low thermal conductivity. Over the years, through R & D, the company has been able to stabilize the production of highest quality of insulation refractories.

The location of the manufacturing unit is best suited with respect to the abundant occurrence of the raw materials. The primary products include Insulation Bricks, Insulation Castables and Alumina Silicate Bricks.

36,000T of Refractory bricks/ year
1,800,000 insulation Bricks/year

Our satisfied customers include:
SAIL, HINDALCO, TISCO, BALCO, IOC, RELIANCE, HPCL, Graphite India Ltd., Electrosteel Casting Ltd. Etc.


Alumina Silicate Bricks : MHD & HHD Bricks  |  Super Heat Duty Bricks  |  High Alumina Bricks  |  High Alumina (Bauxite) Bricks
Insulation Bricks : Special Insulation Bricks  |  Insulation Castables & Mortars
Monolithics : High Alumina Mortars  |  High Alumina Castables  |  High Alumina Ramming Masses

High Carbon Ferro Manganese  |  Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese  |  Low Carbon Ferro Manganese  |  High Carbon Silico Manganese  |  Medium Carbon Silico Manganese  |  Low Carbon Silico Manganese  |  Ferro Silicon  |  Ferro Chrome

Hard Coke  |  Metallurgical Coke

Sponge Iron  |  Pig Iron  |  MS Billet  |  MS Bars and Rods (Thermex TMT and Thermex QST)

MS Bars and Rods (Thermex TMT and Thermex QST)  |  MS Billet  |  MS Scrap  |  Pig Iron  |   Sponge Iron  |   Low Ash Coking Coal   |   Low Ash Metallurgical Coke

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